Two weeks until our flight out of Togo. We have a lot to do to wrap up our ministry, pass off our duties, and wrap things up in our house. We decided the boys should have shirts made before leaving so we went to get them measured today.April 30, 2017


Aaron did a good job of letting us know there was a snake under the van in the carport. After moving the van enough to get him to come out we killed him before he got too far away. This is a decent sized Green Mamba and very venomous.March 26, 2017


This evening three of the boys went with me as we gave “grandpa” a ride to the river with the Gator. “Grandpa” has been a patient at the hospital for 9 months. Ever since he was in an accident and broke his femur. After almost loosing his leg to infection and multiple surgeries, he went home today to his village for the first time in 9 months. Because he still has limited mobility and the trip to the river would be difficult on a motorcycle and he had bags and his youngest daughter to get back to the village too I offered the Gator ride and he was very thankful. This wonderful, positive, upbeat, man had his life spared in part due to the great care he received at the Hospital of Hope but he is also returning to his village as a man with a new Hope. There are some patients that really touch our hearts and “Grandpa” is one of them. Our prayers are for continued healing and for strength for his faith journey. March 13, 2017 March 13a, 2017We were a bit late for dinner as the boys seemed so excited to see the boat cross the river that I decided to have them paddle the boys and I over and back quickly.March 13b, 2017


Sometimes it’s infuriating what is done to gullible or naive people in the name of religion. This lady comes to our Thursday Bible study and today the others in the group explained the cause of her problems with her eyes (they’re irritated, watering, and generally look miserable).  There’s a new religion in this village and the leader required all the followers to buy knives from him (at a terrible price) for every member of their family. The knives symbolize the destruction of the evil one and were needed he claimed, to ward off evil spirits. He then had them cut onions and in the gathering, everyone was to keep cut onions pressed on their eyes (liquid was also added) for a long time. This was to symbolize some sort of cleansing. Now this lady and most of the other followers are walking around with watering eyes. This con artist also purchased small sacks of water which are sold for around 5 cents, claimed he’d turned the water into “Blessed Water” and charged more than 10X the original price to his followers. This turned into a good lesson for those at our Thursday gathering to review that The Word is our authority and what we do and say must be measured against that authority.March 9, 2017


Yea Mr. D. isn’t probably using any Algebra as the supervisor of our security team of employees, but I sure love this guy! He’s got a big heart and a quick smile. It is a bit funny the T-shirts that you see worn here especially since most times they have no idea what the shirts say.March 6, 2017


Part of our celebration of two years of operation included teams of employees being photographed doing different tasks like work projects, or in this case with everyone on the team having their feet off the ground at the same time. March 2,2017 March 2a, 2017 March 2b, 2017


Well this is a fitting proverb for this week…March 2, 2017


A good reminder…February 24,2017


Today we hosted the nursing class for lunch. They are a great group and we’re very happy with their progress and great attitudes. This week they have a Bible course taught by Kyle and next week is Microbiology.February 22, 2017


This sweet little baby was born prematurely at our hospital and stayed many weeks until she could be discharged to her village about 45 minutes from the hospital. Her mother is disabled and wasn’t able to care for her so her grandmother stepped in. There is a growing Bible study in this previously un-reached village and our chaplains and NICU nurse have paid the family visits on a regular basis. A few weeks ago I was called urgently to the reception area to see a sick child and was shocked to see baby Grace in her grandmother’s arms barely breathing. We rushed her back to our ER area where several doctors and nurses worked to revive her. I hurriedly found our chaplains (who lead the Bible study in her village) and they came quickly to support her. Unfortunately, Grace had been sick for too long and passed away. Her family was heartbroken. They took her body back to her village where her Muslim extended family allowed our chaplains to lead a Christian burial service which was attended by 30 men and women (many of whom do not attend the Bible study). Please pray that good comes out of the pain and suffering in this family. Please pray for our hospital staff that have loved and cared for Grace for many months and were very attached to her. Life is so fragile.Melissa at Faré


Today we visited the rehabilitation facility in Bomboika to see the progress and encourage a young man who spent a lot of time at the Hospital of Hope. He’s was fitted with a prosthesis that was made at these facilities on Monday and will stay for two weeks learning how to use it before returning to his village. This young man’s recovery and prosthesis is made possible by the generosity of so many. Much of his care at the Hospital of Hope was paid by generous gifts to the Hope Patient Care Fund and donations given to the team benevolence fund helped cover the cost of his prosthesis. It’s fun to see hope return to someones life first-hand, but the thanks is really due to so many that stand behind us in financial and prayer support. Thank You!February 19, 2017


We have a crew that is out here to help repair wells in three different villages and they decided to try to remove the old pump from the first well that was drilled on the hospital property. As they worked on pulling the old pump out it was discovered that there was water in this well and this got people wondering if this water had just seeped in over the years or if maybe this well had begun to produce water. The wiring for the pump was bad so that was repaired and the pump was lowered back down. In this photo many missionaries gathered eagerly anticipating and praying for a miracle and that the well would now work (we know God could do this). However, the suspense will have to continue as it was once again discovered that there is some sort of problem with the pump itself. A new pump was ordered and will hopefully get here so that this group can try this one more time before they leave next week. We’ll let you know how that goes…February 16, 2017


Here’s a photo of the Thursday morning village Bible study that I go to along with one of the hospital chaplains. They recently built this structure so that they could have their own place to meet.February 9, 2017


Almost overnight more than 1,000 Fulani people have gathered here at this make-shift refugee camp (about 30 minutes out of Mango) after being chased from their homes by another tribe. It seems this started when an armed burglar entered a home and killed the man of the house before fleeing to Ghana. In retaliation that tribe burned the homes of people they suspected of being in the same tribe as the burglar and several Fulani were killed including some children. Yesterday we brought out some rice and other supplies to this camp as they await aid from the government. Two government officials are trying to negotiate so that these people can return to their villages without fear of more violence. However, many will return to nothing as many of their homes were burned.February 14, 2017


Well it’s a long way from Starbucks… Each Thursday morning I head to a village with one of the hospital chaplains where we lead a Bible study. Before leaving town at 6:30 am we stop here at this little stand for our coffee. Water is boiled in an aluminum pot poured into a glass drinking glass and instant Nescafe is added along with sugar to get us going. It doesn’t taste anything like Starbucks but it gets us going and it costs less than any cup of coffee you can get in the States.Coffee Break