We’ve enjoyed a weekend of camping out with Meridian First Baptist Church including a worship service on the shore of Lake Cascade today.June 25, 2017


Today we will be leaving Ponderosa State Park where we’ve been the past three nights and will drive about 30 minutes south to join Meridian First Baptist Church’s annual church camp out for the weekend. We’ve used these past three days to get some work done and the boys have continued to work on school work. Last night after eating dinner we watched an owl catch a squirrel in a tree next to our camper and then we found where she took dinner to her two young owlets.June 23, 2017


Not a bad office to work on Togo North Team finances from afar.June 22, 2017


We had a problem with the door on our trailer (the hinge seized up) so I had to remove door, grind off the hinge causing the problem, and then remount the door on the remaining hinges until we can get a new hinge.june 21, 2017


On the way to McCall we stopped to stretch our legs and take in some history. We stopped at the site of the Spalding Mission (The Spaldings were among the first white people in the northwest) and the White Bird Battlefield (the site of start of the Nez Perce War).June 19, 2017

june 20, 2017


june 20a, 2017


Melissa and her sister ran a half marathon in Seattle today where they both set personal records for their time on a half marathon.June 18,2017


It’s been several years since we’ve been able to attend one of the family birthday celebrations for Melissa’s extended family.June 17, 2017

June 17, 2017


june 15, 2017


Saying goodbye (again) to some of the cousins. We’re off to Seattle and then back to Idaho where we’ll be in and around Mccall, Idaho for time at Camp Pinewood and a church camp out with Meridian First Baptist.June 14, 2017


Cousins playing in the sandbox on the farm…June 13, 2017


june 12,2017


June 11, 2017


McMicken Heights Baptist Churchjune 4, 2017


Today Melissa Ruhlman bacame Melissa Bragg. We enjoyed celebrating the day with her. In addition to being sort of related, we got to spend time with Melissa when she came to Togo to serve as a nurse at the Hospital of Hope for several months.June 3, 2017