These bird nest are so neat!may 11, 2015


Happy Mothers Day! Well Melissa didn’t have to do any cooking today but that is mostly because she’s the doctor on duty today so she’s started her work day at 7:30 this morning, had a busy day of admitting urgent patients and rounding on all the patients in the hospital, and will remain on duty until tomorrow around 11am. Hopefully, the evening will quiet down and she’ll be able to sneak home and get some sleep. We dropped by the hospital to say goodnight after our team worship service before we headed home to put everyone to sleep. Melissa is an amazing mom and her boys really love her!May 10, 2015


Saturday moto rides with Melissa have been a great chance to get away from the phone and work for a couple of hours and have also provided a great opportunity to see more of our village and surrounding area. Many of our non-hospital photos have come from these rides. We are so thankful that Aunt Megan has volunteered to hang out with the boys for these rides. She heads back to Boise for the summer in just a couple of weeks and we’ll be looking forward to her return (even if it does mean an new school year).  May 9, 2015


May 8, 2015


may 7, 2015


We are nearing the end of dry season so it’s much easier to see the hippos up close since their water is shrinking. Today Aden was pretty sure we were too close.may 6, 2015


There have been so many encouraging stories from our chaplain team on the opportunities they’ve had to share the Gospel, encourage, and just pray with patients and families.may 5, 2015


We have such a great team! Can you tell she’s a real life grandma in the States, but God brought her to us for a year as our radiology tech. May 4, 2015


In addition to the “hippo pond” which has around 14 hippos, we also discovered there are three hippos in the Oti river just out of town.may 3, 2015


It turns out there is a beach here in Mango… On the weekends this area of the Oti river is very populated. Children are swimming and helping with laundry, people are bathing, and all this is less than 40 yards upriver from where the pumps pump all the water into the city that everyone uses and eventually drinks. may 2, 2015


Today was Labor Day in Togo. All the employees who were not working gathered in town to walk from the Mayor’s house to the regional Governor’s house where they listened to speeches. After that they returned to the hospital for a big meal together. The hospital provided the money for the meal for the employees and purchased shirts for everyone.May 1, 2015


Melissa is working in the clinic again today and it’s a very busy day. Today we let the most we’ve ever let in for appointments as there were just a lot of very sick people.april 30, 2015



Sometimes I’m surprised by the things that are for sale…april 29, 2015


april 28,2015


april 27, 2015