Sarah Thebarge is a visiting PA who’s been a great help in the clinic and the hospital. In her recent blog she captures well one of the call nights that she shared with Melissa (the doctor referred to in her blog). You can read it here…


The Spring Creek Church group has been such and encouragement to our team. We are heading into a few days of all-team meetings (we do this three times a year) and this church group has put together a team that includes medical people to help in the hospital, and pastors to encourage us from the Word and through music.  They also brought along a load of resources that will help our chaplains and our team.September 23, 2015


Tonight Melissa’s brother Cory leaves on a night taxi for Lomé to begin his journey back to California. We sure have enjoyed his visit and the encouragement he’s been to all of us. September 20, 2015


In the dry months this “river” doesn’t exist. In fact, just a few months ago Melissa rode through this area on our motos with not a drop of water around and now in order to cross this area it requires a 15 minute commute by canoe for ourselves and our motos.September 12, 2015


There is a group of Togolese and Americans that get together to play volleyball each week.september 11, 2015


We are currently renting a house just down the road from the hospital about a half mile for school for the missionary kids. There is a MK school that is currently under construction on the hospital property but it has been delayed and will probably not be available until sometime in January. Each morning the DeKryger boys stop by the house on their bikes and Aaron and Eli join them for the ride to school.September 10, 2015


Today was the first day of school for the Mango missionary kids. We have three great teachers and a temporary school house that came together recently thanks to the timely arrival of donated school desks on an container that arrived just three days before school was to begin. What a blessing it is to have teachers on the field that allow us to pour more of our time into our time in ministry. September 9, 2015


While zipping through town on our motos around 10 pm we came across two teams playing a card game against each other. They enjoyed showing Cory how to play. It turns out they have a number of teams that are formed around Mango and they play until midnight when the winning team advances against another team another night.September 8, 2015


Melissa’s brother Cory is our first family visitor to pop in on us in Togo.September 7, 2015


Another container with medical supplies, school supplies, and household supplies for one of our new arrivals showed up today and unpacking it was this morning’s project.September 6, 2015


Recently posts on this page have been few and far between. While it does seem like we’ve been a bit busier than normal, we are also facing some of the worst internet connection since we got here. Sometimes even opening emails can be painful long. How did those “real” missionaries do this without reliable internet? We’re working on a better internet solution but in the meantime you’ll just have to check back from time to time to see if I managed to get something posted.

We do currently have a short-term (three month) medical provider who is serving with us here at the hospital who is a regular blogger. So if you’d like to read her take on living and serving here check out her blog at…

The pillars are up and in September the solar panel field will be installed so that we can begin to use the power of the sun to decrease our electrical bill.July 24, 2015


To celebrate our anniversary (we’ve been married 11 years today) we took a three hour moto ride making a big loop and seeing lots of new country. This was all thanks to a tipster who emailed reminding me that our anniversary was coming up and Melissa’s schedule that didn’t have her working in either the clinic or the hospital today. Thanks also to Amanda B. for volunteering to watch the boys for three hours. We found this large building in a remote village and discovered it was a clinic. They were offering child immunizations when we stopped in and we even peeked into the labor and delivery room and we’ll just say it was rustic.JUly 10, 2015

They did have this handy map that helped us see where we had been as sometimes on our long rides in an attempt to make a loop we find ourselves less than sure of our location.July 10a, 2015


July 9, 2015


Driving back to the house after working late I ran over this guy on the driveway between our house and the neighbor’s. Once I realized what it was  I turned around a drove over him again with my motorcycle but this didn’t seem to phase him so I parked the moto and using my flashlight found something to kill him with. This is the first snake I’ve killed and since we’ve had a number of snake bite patients the past couple of weeks, it felt good to know that one less snake was roaming around.July5a, 2015


July 5, 2015