We spent the night at Beth’s place. She’s a nurse practitioner who has served at the Hosptial of Hope. We also shared the hospital’s ministry with her home church. Beth and her father were wonderful hosts and the boys enjoyed feeding her horse and hearing from her knowledge of weapons and armor.July 30, 2017aJuly 30, 2017


We spent the night in London, KY at a RV Park we found as we struggled with thick traffic last night and realized we’d be better off to pull over and hope the construction slow-downs would be less today. This morning we’re doing a fast breakfast, catching up on some Togo responsibilities, and putting together a quick introduction video a church has asked for before hitting the road. July 29, 2017


Today as we traveled through Michigan we stopped to visit Jodi who is responsible for locating donated medical supplies for the three hospitals that ABWE operates. Much of what we use at the Hospital of Hope comes out in containers and is first sorted here by Jodi and her team of volunteers. July 27, 2017

What a treat it was for us to have a lunch stop at Bill and Melanie’s place where we got to welcome the DeKrygers home as they just arrived from Togo yesterday. How precious to hear Ezra cry out “My Grant” when he saw his special friend and to spend this meal with people we so dearly love working with in Togo.July 27, 2017a

We met up with the Chmils for dinner. They are raising support and hoping to be in language school in January. He is a surgeon with theological training, and she will bring much needed expertise to the hospital’s lab. It was great to see this family, share a meal, and see their new sweet daughter (she’s just days old). We’re looking forward to serving alongside the Chmils in the years to come.july 27, 2017b




We said “see ya later” to Bruce and Mary tonight. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again in Togo…July 26, 2017


We are spending two nights in Muskegon, Michigan where we’ll visit Bruce and Mary who spent six months in Mango working in the hospital and overseeing the construction of two new homes for doctors. Bruce and Mary are an inspiration, their willingness to serve in their retirement years is impressive and they are both hard workers with great attitudes. They’re already planning their next trip to Mango to help in January. We’ll miss seeing them on that trip but I’m sure they’ll be back. For now Bruce is also taking care of ordering construction material that needs to be shipped to Togo for the construction projects underway at the hospital compound. The extra day in Muskegon also allowed us to get the vehicle serviced and caught up on laundry. The boys enjoyed playing in the waters of Lake Michigan and picking blueberries (with a demonstration of how a blueberry picking machine works.) July 25, 2017 July 25, 2017a  


Today we stopped into the Michigan warehouse where the containers with purchased supplies and materials and donated goods get loaded for the hospital. The owners of this warehouse have generously allowed the Hospital of Hope to have two docks for sorting and packing materials for the hospital. Vic organizes a crew of volunteers who sort and pack these containers for us. This is such a blessing to have this resource and it’s a huge help for getting supplies to Togo. We stopped in today to thank Vic for his work overseeing the packing of our containers and to thank the folks that donate this space for the Hospital of Hope.July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017a


It’s amazing the people that God has woven into our lives because of serving beside each other in Togo. We count it a privilege to count so many people all across the US as friends because of our involvement in the hospital’s ministry. July 22, 2017


Megan’s been a part of our road trip since leaving Idaho two weeks ago. This is where the road divides… She’s staying in Harrisburg for a training course she needs and then flying home and we’re going to make a few stops and detours before heading west. We love Megan, we’ve had fun road tripping together, and we’re excited God’s called her to be a part of the Togo North Team.July 21, 2017a


When we stopped for a quick bite at the Costco deli in Lancaster, PA we noticed this Costco offers special parking that’s not normally a part of their stores.July 21, 2017


We’ve begun our Missions Enrichment conference and among the hundreds of people here we really love our Mango, Togo teammates. The events of the past couple of years in Mango have made us more than friends, we’re family…

July 17, 2017


Today we shared the ministry of the Hospital of Hope with Michelle’s home church in western Pennsylvania. Michelle is a radiology technician who served the first couple years at the Hospital of Hope. The Paulick family who plan on leaving in January for language school were also able to drop by. It was fun to see them again and to encourage them as they begin the final months in the US. Josh is a surgeon and his wife is a nurse so they’ll be a huge help to the hospital.July 16, 2017


Today we stopped in to take Zack and his girlfriend (not pictured as she took this photo) to dinner. Zack is a missionary kid who’s parents served in Togo but he’s now attending college near Chicago. July 12, 2017


Aunt Karen (Melissa’s aunt) has lived at Shepherd’s in Union Grove, Wisconsin for around 20 years. We enjoyed taking her to ice cream despite what was a day of flooding in Wisconsin.July 11, 2017


The adventure begins… We’ve had a great two weeks here in McCall, Idaho where we’ve been a part of Junior Camp, shared at McCall Baptist on Sunday and enjoyed a week of family camp, but today we head out on a trip that will eventually take us to Harrisburg, PA where we have a conference. But along the way we hope to see America, make memories, and meet old and new friends.July 7, 2017


Following evening chapel we walked down to the lake in McCall to watch a great fireworks display.July 4, 2017

July 4a, 2017