Out with the old…

After four years and numerous washes my ipad cover seems ready to retire.  I found the same one as the original on ebay and couldn’t believe how much dirt from Africa I was carrying around with the original one.December 1,2017


Another day of wiring up Aaron’s smile. If all works as planned Aaron should be done with orthodontist care in late April or early May when we plan on heading back to Togo.November 30, 2017


And things were going so well…

On the way to speak at Prairie Baptist Fellowship in Yelm today we had an unfortunate event. We rely on this vehicle so much and it’s been such a good ride that it’s hard to think of doing without it for a few weeks while it get repaired. We had a great Sunday in Yelm sharing the hospital’s ministry.November 26, 2017


We didn’t schedule ourselves to speak at any church this weekend as we were gifted a free conference admission to the Weekend to Remember marriage conference in Coeur D’Alene this weekend. We have a beautiful room, the kids are with grandma for the weekend, and great speakers and coaches to help us talk through how our marriage and parenting could be improved. It was a refreshing weekend.November 18, 2017


Upon returning to Spokane from our conference in KY late Saturday night we discovered the beast wouldn’t start. After trying a lot of things, we ended up having to leave it in Spokane and rent a car to get to the boys at their grandparents. We were scheduled to speak in Deary, Idaho on Sunday so on Monday we had it towed to a dealer where they had to replace some electronic parts. Thankfully we had a few days free so the repair didn’t have a big impact on our schedule.November 13, 2017


Melissa and I flew to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the Global Missions Health Conference. This conference is the largest medical missions conference of its type held each year in Louisville and organized by Medical Missions. Thousands of people attended and there were great workshops and sessions as well as hundreds of exhibitors representing, ministry tools, schools, and missions organizations. We had a great time seeing some of our teammates and people who have served at the Hospital of Hope short-term. We also met many who are interested in serving either long-term or short-term in missions in the future. We also attended a meeting to discuss Lassa Fever with teammates, administrators from ABWE, and representatives from Samaritans Purse. November 9, 2017


Today we’ve arrived back in Idaho to drop the boys off to stay with their grandparents and cousins while we fly to Kentucky for a conference. They will be enjoying their first sledding of the season since snow has already arrived here.November 8, 2017


Today we will be speaking at Bonney Lake Community Church and it’s snowing.November 5, 2017


Melissa is spending a few days with other primary care physicians from Washington getting continuing education credit that she needs to keep her licenses current. She’s thankful for this opportunity to get this credit but was reminded of how different some aspects of medicine are in Africa compared to the topics and care issues her colleges face here on the home front.November 3, 2017


The Insanity of God is a book about missions and the persecuted church around the world that we highly recommend. We’ve enjoyed the book and today we are attending a two day conference by the book’s author and his wife. Nik and Ruth have a heart to see lost people hear salvation’s story. This was a very encouraging two day conference held near Seattle. October 30, 2017


One advantage of our tiny house life is that the kitchen is a great size for Aden to learn to wash dishes.October 25, 2017


Today we were at Temple Baptist in Tacoma during the morning service for the first in a two Sunday missions conference and we spoke at the Southcenter Community Baptist Fall Banquent for the evening. I’m not used to seeing my name on the church’s sign. I kind of feel like I should train the boys to sing or dance or at least have a puppet ministry before this sort of billing.October 22, 2017


Today we had fun catching up with friends and the kids played games together and did some pumpkin carving. October 19, 2017

October 19, 2017a


In Togo vans and taxis with messages are everywhere, but it’s less common here in the Seattle area. I spotted this van on the way to have coffee with a pastor and it reminded me of Togo and made me chuckle. October 18, 2017


One of the joys of being in the States every fifth year is that there are lots of appointments to catch up on. Today it was a stop at the orthodontist where we were encouraged to begin a treatment plan that if started immediately, could be done by the time we hope to return to Togo in May of 2018. Since orthodontist care doesn’t exist in Togo and this could make future treatment unnecessary, it seems to make sense for us to start the treatment now.October 16, 2017