I’ve found that recently my heart is not in my work that must be done in the office, and yet I do realize the importance of taking care of those needed tasks. For now, I’m going to be joining one of the chaplains each Thursday morning as we go to two villages where Bible studies have been started due to the contacts from past patients in the hospital. By helping once a week in this new aspect of the ministry I hope to be constantly reminded of why we’re here and that all parts of this project are needed. I’d love to eventually work more in this aspect of the ministry but until that’s possible I’ll do this once a week and pray that someone that loves numbers and administrative tasks will quickly come to help here. This group was recently given a radio that plays the Bible in their own language. What a joy to see the excitement of their hearing an audio version of the Bible in their heart language.

December 17, 20215


In the early hours of today a bus ran into a mosque here in Mango. Thankfully no one was injured.December 9, 2015


While we said goodbye to one set of grandparents, we welcomed another set on the same trip to the airport. Mom and Jim will be spending a month with us in Mango after we take two days to recover from the 10 hour trip south and prepare for the return trip. December 4, 2015


Goodbyes are always hard, but we’ve had a great month with Melissa’s parents.December 2, 2015


December 1, 2015


November 30, 2015


November 29, 2015


Dan and I are spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a nearby village where Dan is preaching twice to the congregation and twice to the church leaders. We came out with two hospital employees one who is from this village and one who is acting as a translator. The pastor here told me that the road was rough but I thought I could manage it and damaged my radiator. While it took the better part of a day, a mechanic was able to arrive and remove the radiator, drive the two hours back to civilization and get it repaired and get it back into the van by nightfall. I’m very thankful for this ministry trip and God’s provisions along the way.November 27a, 2015


November 28, 2015


November 26, 2015


November 25, 2015


November 24, 2015


Since we have two months of grandparent visits we made arrangements to purchase a good grandparent buggy. Today Melissa is on-call at the hospital and Grandma Nancy is taking the kids to the pool.November 22, 2015


Grandpa and the boys enjoying a sunrise together on the back porch…November 20, 2015


Today Melissa will see between 30 and 35 patients (she’s in room #4). She’ll listen to their problems, order labs for them, meet a second time to discuss the lab results if needed, and prescribe medications, give instructions, or admit them to the hospital.November 19, 2015

November 19a, 2015