Pastor Ed and Linda were great hosts and it was fun to share the hospital’s ministry in Long Creek, Oregon and take in the solar eclipse as well.August 21, 2017

august 21, 2017b


Today we are spending the evening in the Boise Valley before heading out early for Oregon since people are predicting terrible driving conditions and traffic because of the eclipse. While in the Boise/Nampa area we got to visit a couple that faithfully pray for us, encourage us, and support the hospital’s ministry (they’re both in their 90s and are so encouraging every time we are together). We also had pizza in the park with MeganĀ  and her pastor and his family (her other family and our friends). This was our “see you on the other side” meeting with Megan as she’ll be leaving for language school in the next month and our next meeting will be in Togo. The LaMarques who served 6 months in Togo were super gracious and allowed us to park our trailer at their home and even fixed us breakfast. August 18, 2017


We spent the night near Idaho Falls and reconnected with great friends we haven’t seen in many years.August 17, 2017


We’re making our way back to the northwest and made time for a couple of days in Yellowstone on the way. August 16, 2017


And we’re in Wyoming. Did you know that in 2010 The Code of the West was signed into law in Cheyenne, making it the official code of ethics for the state of Wyoming.

Code of the West:


August 13, 2017


I think it has been nearly 8 years since we’ve seen Melissa’s brother Larry so we made sure Muskogee, OK was on today’s route west.August 12, 2017


Tonight we’re parked at the Mephis, TN Agricenter. On our way through we were able to meet up with friends and supporters in Memphis (well actually they’re moving to California tomorrow because of a job change.) We enjoyed a great meal together.August 10, 2017


Today our lunch stop was the Appomattox Historical Site. Here in the parlor of the McLean House Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant signalling the end of the Civil War.August 5, 2017


Today we visited the the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown, the Yorktown battlefield, and the Moore House where the surrender terms were agreed upon between British General Cornwallis and General Washington.August 4, 2017


August 2, 2017


Samaritan’s Purse has been very supportive of the Hospital of Hope and has a branch called World Medical that sponsors doctors that finish their residency allowing them to serve for two years in a mission hospital. We currently have two of these post-residency doctors serving at the Hospital of Hope with another one arriving next year. World Medical has been great about recruiting nurses and doctors to fill the needs of our hospital.

Today we arrived at the Samaritan’s Purse headquarters to thank the staff of World Medical for all they do to help us out and to tour the facilities here in Boone, North Carolina complete with a tour of a Operation Christmas Child warehouse. July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017a


We spent the night at Beth’s place. She’s a nurse practitioner who has served at the Hosptial of Hope. We also shared the hospital’s ministry with her home church. Beth and her father were wonderful hosts and the boys enjoyed feeding her horse and hearing from her knowledge of weapons and armor.July 30, 2017aJuly 30, 2017


We spent the night in London, KY at a RV Park we found as we struggled with thick traffic last night and realized we’d be better off to pull over and hope the construction slow-downs would be less today. This morning we’re doing a fast breakfast, catching up on some Togo responsibilities, and putting together a quick introduction video a church has asked for before hitting the road. July 29, 2017


Today as we traveled through Michigan we stopped to visit Jodi who is responsible for locating donated medical supplies for the three hospitals that ABWE operates. Much of what we use at the Hospital of Hope comes out in containers and is first sorted here by Jodi and her team of volunteers. July 27, 2017

What a treat it was for us to have a lunch stop at Bill and Melanie’s place where we got to welcome the DeKrygers home as they just arrived from Togo yesterday. How precious to hear Ezra cry out “My Grant” when he saw his special friend and to spend this meal with people we so dearly love working with in Togo.July 27, 2017a

We met up with the Chmils for dinner. They are raising support and hoping to be in language school in January. He is a surgeon with theological training, and she will bring much needed expertise to the hospital’s lab. It was great to see this family, share a meal, and see their new sweet daughter (she’s just days old). We’re looking forward to serving alongside the Chmils in the years to come.july 27, 2017b