We all arrived in Lomé with all our pieces of luggage and were able to get all of our 7-day visas done at the airport (we’ll apply for the one-year visa at a town closer to Mango next week.) By the time we got everyone to bed it was after midnight. Tomorrow we will do some shopping in Lomé before we head north to Mango on Tuesday. We hope to purchase a washing machine in town as well as some meats and grocery items that are not available in northern Togo.August 31, 2014


We are leaving for Togo in just hours now. We’d appreciate your prayers for this big move. We will be arriving in Togo’s capital city Lome Sunday evening. We are blessed to be traveling to Togo with the Niles family and teacher Megan. We will run some errands and do some shopping for food and supplies in Lomé Monday before starting the 8 hour trip north to Mango on Tuesday. We just spent the past week unplugged and on a very restful vacation as a family. We spent the week at a house in Switzerland that is offered to missionaries at a very reasonable rate. I’ll post photos of that time when we have internet again. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement on this journey.


August 30, 2014a


August 29, 2014


August 28, 1024


Aden especially liked the short hike up the road from the house we’re staying at to a pasture where we could eat lunch and watch the cows.August 27, 2014


Today we drove a little over an hour to the nearest IKEA. We picked up a couple of small things we’ll take to Togo for the house but the big hit was the Happy Hour Swedish meatballs.August 26, 2014


Today we just did normal vacation things… While driving around a bit we purchased some cheese from a self-serve cheese vending machine by the road and later bought some horse sausage at a market. August 24, 2014

August 24a, 2014


I believe this old house used to be a farm. Goats were kept or milked in the basement and the owners lived upstairs. Today the wood for the wood stoves is kept in part of the basement, there is a small guest apartment in the basement, and the next two levels have wood floors, walls, and ceilings. We are not using the loft level which has a sleeping room for additional guests. The second level has an old kitchen, living/dining room, and two bedrooms. This house is just what we needed as get away as a family for a week before the Togo trip. August 30a, 2014


Today we left the true Swiss Alps and headed to another part of Switzerland where we will be staying in an old house that is owned by a mission that lets missionaries stay for a very economical rate (about $30 per night for our family.) Along the route we stopped in Sion which was the oldest town in Switzerland where we took a trolly tour of the town. August 23, 2014

August 23a, 2014


Today held fun for everyone. Of course the boys enjoyed time jumping on the trampoline but they also enjoyed the hike and the wild berries along the way.August 22, 2014

August 22a, 2014


Well after we woke up today we took a short walk to discover the town we landed in under cover of darkness. There is a large gondola that takes off from this town and goes up to smaller villages that are only accessible by trail or by gondola. On our walk the boys discovered this town has a free trampoline set up so that got visited both in the morning and in the evening. They were pretty much the only ones using it and they had a blast. After we had lunch and a couple of boys laid down for their naps, I (with Melissa’s blessing) scooted off to explore the mountains and trails that were calling me. I took the gondola up and found trails back to our little apartment, but along the way were so many amazing sites… August 21a, 2014

August 21b, 2014

August 21c, 2014

August 21d, 2014


Today was a bit of a marathon. From the time we woke up it was a mad dash to get everything done that was on our plate for this day. We’ve lived in our apartment here at language school for a year and a half and today was the day the school needed us out as new students are beginning to arrive. So, while packing and cleaning has been going on for a few weeks, there was a lot that needed to get done today. To make things a bit more interesting, we are not fly out to Africa until August 31st so that we can coordinate our flight with a fellow missionary family that will be returning and teacher Megan. By all arriving the same time we can help one another and share the ride from Lome to Mango. This means that we are packing most of our luggage for Africa and leaving it at school where we’ll retrieve it the day before our flight to Togo. We are also packing for a short vacation and time at a missionary guest house. Initially we had hoped to leave around 2pm for our first stop (a three night stay in the Swiss Alps), but we didn’t finally pull out of the language school until nearly 6pm. There was a collective sigh of relief as we pulled out of Albertville after a frantic day. We are so grateful for our fellow teammates at language school who seemed to sense how best to help us and pretty much watched the kids for us most of the day so we could do the last-minute packing and cleaning.  We had a three hour drive to our destination for the next three nights. We decided that despite living in the mountains the past year and a half, we wanted to get one more dose of the Swiss Alps so for the next three nights we’ll be staying in the mountain town of Blatten Switzerland and hoping for clear skies for views and hikes. Leaving late and needing to stop to feed the baby meant we didn’t pull into our lodging until nearly 9:30. When we stopped to feed Ezra we spotted this very pink old church…August 20, 2014


Today after church the Mango, crew from language school stayed after to enjoy pizza together at church with Alain and Katherine Niles who are visiting their parents here in France. Alain and Katherine have been working with the Hospital project in Mango for several years and we will be flying to Togo with them on August 31st. Following our pizza gathering we headed back to Albertville where there was a Medieval Festival underway.August 17, 2014

August 17a, 2014


Tomorrow Melissa’s mom, sister, and niece leave for home. Their visit has been an encouragement and a big help. They’ve enjoyed visiting while working together to get our apartment packed and ready for our departure, not to mention all the fun they’ve had with the boys. We are so blessed with loving and supportive family!August 16, 2014

August 16a, 2014