Today a friend and I drove our van with the Bronson family luggage in it to the Lyon airport where the Bronson family departed for their return to the states for an unknown period of time. I’ve enjoyed having Danny in my class and this family is very dear to us and loved by everyone. Their return to the States is due to baby Samuel’s medical conditions and the need for follow up and observation for a period of time. We’ll be praying for Samuel and for this wonderful family and we hope our paths cross again.July 9, 2014


After church today we took a scenic detour on our way home which took us through amazing mountain villages many of which are crowded with skiers from all over the world during the winter but now cows graze one the slopes and bikers battle with cars for a space on already too narrow roads. Aden loves the cows so we had to stop and just look at cows. When I asked him what sounds cows make he initially said “moo” but then quickly followed that up with “ding, ding, ding” since most cows in our area have large bells around their necks and some are very large.July 6, 2014

It’s a good thing cows aren’t smarter or they may not have been hanging out so close to this town which evidently specialized in selling cow hides.

When we came through a town called Les Saisies (the same town where the school goes on their annual ski trip) they were having a family festival where kids could play games, ride a bull ride and an wild bird expo was going on. Eli wasn’t feeling well (he has a small fever) but he still wanted to try the bull ride.

July 6a, 2014

July 6b, 2014

July 6c, 2014

July 6d, 2014

July 6e, 2014


I guess it is appropriate that Independence Day is the last day of French school for Aaron and Eli. Today they said their final goodbyes to their teachers, hauled home a ton of old assignments and things and honestly don’t seem too sad to be done. They’ve both done very well in French school and are well liked by their teachers. July 4, 2014

July 4a, 2014


Since I’ve been posting school photos, here’s Aaron’s class photo.July3


Today’s photos are thanks to Google Earth. The first satellite photo shows part of the town of Mango and then you will notice a dark square towards the top of the photo and a little to the left. This is a hospital compound shortly after the grass was burned off (hence the darkness). You can also see part of the airstrip to the left of the hospital compound. It comes in from the top at an angle. MangoThe second photo is a close-up of the hospital project. Once again on the top left of this photo you can see a piece of the dirt airstrip for Mango. I’ve tried to label this one so you can get a better idea of what the buildings are. Since this photo was taken there has been more progress made on the hospital and a building for administration has been added. The area labeled “Covered area for families” is where the families of patients will sleep and cook meals. In Togo the family is responsible for feeding their patient in the hospital and some other tasks. So each patient will have some family members that are camped out in this area to cook meals and generally look after them.



Tonight was the end of the year ceremony where Melissa and I received our certificate for completing our courses. While I (Ethan) will take a three week summer course and take an official French exam, this marks the end of my official French class with the same classmates. Of the students that have been here a year  or more, some will take the summer course but many will begin leaving for their target countries in the next few days or weeks. There will be lots of changes including some new students showing up for the summer course before the normal courses begin in September.June 30, 2014



Today we had a mission emphasis at the church we attend in Annecy. We shared a few minutes with our church concerning the hospital and ministry in Togo along with a French couple from the church who will be heading out to Mango to work on the hospital for about 3 months and have a desire to do that a couple of times each year.June 29, 2014


We are one of three families here at language school that has four boys. The Bronson family will be heading back to the states in a little over a week to determine what sort of further medical treatment and care their son Samuel will need. We are praying Samuel continues to do well and that it will be possible in the coming years for this family to continue on to Africa. The Kosiorek family will continue on with their French studies and we hope to see them soon in Mango (minus Josh who will be leaving this week to return to the states to find a job, continue, his studies, and get married in the fall). Here’s a photo of the 12 boys from the three families of four boys…June 28, 2014


Exams are done so many of us gathered for a barbeque this evening. By the time dinner was done our results were in our boxes and we were excited to learn that Ethan passed his final exams! June 27, 2014


Happy 5th birthday Eli!June 26, 2014


Zeke turned 6 years old yesterday and Eli turns 5 tomorrow so today (since there’s no school) Zeke’s dad cooked pancakes and people brought other things and there was a bug turnout for the pancake breakfast for the birthday boys.June 25, 2014


Baby parking…June 24, 2014


This photo includes most of the team that works here at the school including the instructors, the directors, financial and admissions people, and lady in charge of the nursery. We appreciate this humble group and the work they do SO much!IMG_9039


June 22, 2014


Here’s a photo of most of the students (Melissa and a few others are missing from this photo) along with the instructors.DSC_1605